United States History


William J. Clinton

Headshot Of Bill [Clinton]
Known as "Bill" or "Slick Willy", President Clinton might go down in history as one of America's horniest presidents.  This is not said just to be humorous, rather it is said to be historically accurate.  According to an unnamed source, when Mr. Clinton was asked what his favorite thing in the world was, he replied, "Sex.  I love sex.  Or something involving sexual actions, you know?  Making out..frenching..stuff like that."  Whether or not Clinton actually said this (it is assumed by the greater historical community that he did, but there are plenty of those who do not believe this report), we can still confirm from his sexual relations with Ms. Monica Lewinsky that President Clinton let his "little head" think for his "big head".  He served two terms and helped lead America through one of its best technological and economic booms.