United States History


Sample Exercises

Inquisitive sudents
Here are some sample exercises you can try with your friends, or even on your own!

Exercise A)  Sit down with a friend.  Find a piece of lined paper for each of you and try to each have a No. 2 pencil or pen.  Now, write down some facts that you know about American History.  Compare your lists with each other.  What did you each come up with?

Exercise B)  Imagine that you are the President of the U.S.  What would your first action be and why?

Exercise C)  Russia has just attacked the United States.  What suggestions, if any, would you have for retaliation?

Exercise D)  Fill in the blank:  Republicans:Conservative::Democrats:________

Exercise E)  Fill in the blank:  Harry S. Truman was the ____ president.

Exercise F)  Role play:  Find a friend or another individual.  Each pick a historical character from this site's Key Figures page.  Once you've each picked one, try to act like that individual.  For example, if one of you were Michael Jackson, perhaps grab your crotch, do a 360 spin, and say "Jimone!".  See if you can guess who is who!

Exercise G)  The Civil War is going on.  What side do you want to fight for?

Exercise H)  Which war, in your opinion, has led to better films:  World War I, Vietnam, World War II, Civil War, Revolutionary War, Korean Conflict, or Desert Storm?

Exercise I)  Who is your favorite president and why?

Exercise J)  If you could pick any era of history to live in from the Eras page, which would it be and why?

Exercise K)  Better president: Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter?  (Hint: Think about it)

Exercise L)  True or false:  If the British had won the Revolutionary War, the U.S. would be a free country and separate from Britain.

Exercise M)  True or false:  Andrew Johnson founded the T-shirt company "Big Johnson".

Exercise N)  Go to Google.com and type in American History.  Browse through the search results and pick out whichever result appeals most to you.  What did you pick?

Exercise O)  Ask your parents to tell you something about their childhood.  Did you learn something about history?

Exercise P)  Think about Washington D.C. for 10 minutes. 

Exercise Q)  Go to your local library.  If you have a library card, get a book on American History.  If you don't have a library card, sign up for one and then get a book on American History.  Read some of the book and see what you learn.

Exercise R) 
Benedict Arnold: Traitor or not?

Exercise S)  Are Native Americans part of American History?

Exercise T)  Who was better: Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison?

Exercise U)  Visit Philadelphia, Boston, or Washington D.C. if you can afford it (both financially and timewise).

Exercise V)  Who was your favorite person in U.S. History?

Exercise W) 
Open Essay.

Exercise X) 
Open Essay.

Exercise Y) 
Open Essay.

Exercise Z) 
Open Essay.