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Political Parties

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Traditionally, there are two political parties in the United States: Republicans and Democrats.  If you are a republican, you are said to be "right wing".  However, if you are a democrat, you are considered to be "left wing".

Historically, these two parties have feuded with each other, often with the result of one party winning.  This is called an election.

Several key issues define each party.  Republicans are often concerned with abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, a limited role of government, and the private sector.  Democrats, on the other hand, are frequently interested in socialism, giving out loans to people without any type of discretion, expanding the role of government, and legalizing marijuana.

A big issue that has arisen in recent years that has caused the rift between democrats and republicans to widen is health care.  Without going into great length but still maintaining great accuracy and detail, here is the situation in a nutshell:  Democrats say that the U.S. Government can run the health care system because they, in their own words, "love big government" (Democrats, 1776-present).  Republicans, however, want private insurance companies to compete for health care coverage because they, in their own words, "are older, white people and want this system to remain" (Republicans, 1776-present).

A few other parties exist that aren't as popular as the two key ones.  These other parties include, but are not limited to, the following: Libertarians, Independents, Whigs, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, and Ron Paul.

The government system in America is called a democracy.