United States History

President Barack Obama is set to deliver the State of the Union address sometime soon.  Did you know that the first State of the Union address was given by George Washington all the way back in 1790 in New York City, the provisional U.S. capital!?  Yes, it's true! 

If Barack is able to calm the nation, speak calmly, wisely, and directly, and if he is able to not get "gassy during the speech" like he said he got last year, then it should be a relative success.  Last year, he admitted to eating "massive amounts of Good 'N Plenty's" before the address.  This year he said, "I am going to try not to eat them again.  But, you know..it's tough, man..you know?  I mean, it's a battle.  I'm a soldier.  I ain't gonna back down.  You know?"

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