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Many people think the "Pilgrims" discovered America - which is partly true.  They discovered it for more-or-less white Christian people.  Before them it was the Spanish man Christopher Columbus (like Columbus Day) and before him it was Indians, who like to be called "Native Americans".  History is full of surprises!
Yankee Doodle, etc.
Many American ships begin with the title U.S.S.
There has been a heatwave in the United States.  The Indians, or Native Americans, had no air conditioning when they lived in tepees and wigwams.
Many people used to be "blacksmiths".  That is someone who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal.  Can you name any American blacksmiths?
This past weekend was the weekend of July 4th - America's "birthday".  It is celebrated with barbecues, trips to nearby friend's/family's homes, or maybe even trips to a nearby beach or lake.
Happened around the year 1933 and was founded by Herbert Hoover.
The "Industrial" Revolution.
This was a video game - but was it real?  Look it up online and write a report on it.  Show it to your parents.
It is still unclear whether Martha and George Washington were actually "in love".