United States History

Did you know that a confederate general was nicknamed "Stonewall" Jackson?  He was mortally wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville.  What was that battle? 
Lots of people ask, "What is the Missouri Compromise?"

That is a good question, and part of the answer is that it had something to do with slavery/states and happened in 1820.
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There was no post yesterday because, occasionally, the U.S. History 101 site does not post on the weekend.  More often than not, it is because I am at a U.S. battleship that has been turned into a museum and not able to update the site.
Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, etc.
Today is what many consider the "Fourth of July in Mexico".  In honor of the holiday, here is a YouTube video.
A "quill" is a feather pen that is dipped in ink so that you can write.
The "Tea Parties" that are happening today get their name from the "Boston Tea Party" that happened during the American Revolution.  Taxation without representation?  I think not!