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United States History

This weekend is "Memorial Day Weekend" - a weekend of remembrance.
Most people we study in history are men because men control most of the power in the world.
"Four score and seven years ago..."

-Gettysburg Address
Which American historical figure would you rather have food and a conversation with:

Frederick Douglass or Clark Gable?
Twitter did not exist when George Washington or Abe Lincoln were presidents.  However, according to recent studies, it may have been around as early as Ronald Raygin.
Are these Americans related or not-related?  Look it up on a family tree online!

Zachary Taylor and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
1) George Washington
2) George Washington Carver
3) George Mason, apparently
One famous American address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  It is the "White House" where the president lives.  Funky, huh?
Check out the latest addition to U.S. History 101: U.S. Fashion Through The Ages!
Elena Kagan, what's going on there man?  Is she going to be a supreme judge?  I don't konw.