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This is an example of one U.S. History resource on the internet:
Today is Saturday, February 27, 2010.  
Andrew Johnson became U.S. President because Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?  Johnson was subsequently impeached.  Bill Clinton was also impeached, but that was for performing sexual acts with Monica Lewinsky.
In 1998, a movie by David McKenna came out called American History X in which a former neo-nazi skinhead tries to prevent his brother from going down the same path.
1803 - Marbury v. Madison created the precedent of Judicial Review which stated that if a law could be determined unconstitutional.
It is still Black History Month (February) and will be until March 1st!




The Wall Street Journal is one of America's most reputable financial news sources and it is known for its pixelated headshots of individuals.  For example, if Alan Greenspan wrote or was featured in an article, they would print a headshot of him but it would be a pixelated rendering of him.
Andrew Jackson was responsible for the removal of a lot of Native Americans.  It's called the "Trail Of Tears".
Today is Presidents Day.
Thomas Jefferson may have had a tough time on Valentine's Day because he was married to one woman but was having a sexual affair with another woman.