United States History



Here are some frequently asked questions about American History and some brief and accurate answers to those questions.

1. What is history?
This is a great question, and thank you for asking.  The answer to this is not a short one, but I will attempt to answer it as best I can within the confines of this page.  History is the study of what has happened in the past and those events subsequent effects on the future. 

2. How long has history been studied?
History has been studied since a blind Greek poet named Homer.  He started the tradition of telling stories orally (ew, please do NOT think this is sexual).

3. Is Homer still alive today?
No, he is very dead.

4. Is Homer Simpson named after Homer?
We are not sure, but we can only assume "yes".

5. Did Homer [the Greek poet and oral historian] have any girlfriends?
Perhaps.  Although considering he was blind (a negative, in some girls' opinions) and the fact that he loved history (so he was probably, for lack of better terms, a "nerd"), we can only assume that he had at the most one girlfriend.

6. Who is in charge of telling history now?
In the recent past, it's been up to more well-to-do white men to record history.  However, with changes in societal norms (e.g., women getting more rights, minorities becoming majorities, unions, etc.) it looks like anyone might be able to record or skew history now.

7. How do I know that the facts on this site are accurate?
There is a Steve Martin movie called Leap Of Faith and I am going to ask that you take a "leap of faith" when reading this website and trust that these are the most accurate facts and that this site is a reliable resource, particularly for middle school term papers.

8. Is there a way to time travel?
We have not found a reliable method to do so yet, but I have tried a lot of different things in my basement including making a tin foil helmet and running really fast; but none of my methods, or those of others, has/have worked yet.

9. What ever happened to Y2K?
It came and went, and some people bought boats and moved their families into safe living havens and now they look like complete idiots.

10. Is Pearl Harbor part of American History?

11. Is World War II real?
As far as we know, yes it is.

12. If you are under the age of 35 and consider George W. Bush's presidency to not be a disaster, will your peers look down on you?

If you have any questions, please email them to john.w.haskell@gmail.com and I will answer select ones on the News page.