United States History



The Mayflower
There is much debate over the founding of what is known today as North America.  Many people claim Christopher Columbus founded it in 1492, while Puritans argue that it was the Pilgrims who first discovered "America" when they traveled over on the Mayflower ship (seen in the photo to the left).  There is even a third group, the Native Americans, who also claim to have discovered the United States first.  Though we don't have enough historical facts about the discovery of this nation, we do have a good amount of solid information to make an educated guess about it.  Experts have studied, analyzed, and fretted over this for many years and the final conclusion tends to be that the United States was founded by a group of people who are now called the "Founding Fathers".  Some Founding Fathers include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, John Adams, Johnny Tremain, and many others. 

Now that you know who founded America, let's take a look at some of the various eras between 1776 and today.

Philadelphia Age
The Philadelphia Age mainly refers to that early period of American History during which the Liberty Bell was cracked, the Founding Fathers gathered in Independence Hall, and the Declaration Of Independence was written.

Civil War Age
The Civil War Age took place in the mid 19th Century when the U.S. was experiencing a civil war between the North and South.  This age basically ended when Robert E. Lee traveled to Appomattox and said that he wanted to move on.

Henry Ford Age
In the early 20th century, Henry Ford created the automobile I think.  It was with this invention that things started changing industrially for the U.S.  Motion films were improving.  Robert Fulton invented the steam engine at some point (or he at least attached the steam engine to the boat, according to my dad), but that was before this time I think.  Sometime during the 1800's.  However, ships were still being built during the Henry Ford Age.  One ship, the RMS Lusitania, was torpedoed by Germans and was a main reason the U.S. entered World War I! 

The Depressing Age
This age, or era, or time, is sometimes just called the Great Depression.  It is when Herbert Hoover did not do well and the economy also faltered.  FDR came in and thought that the only solution was a "New Deal", which was the name given to his comprehensive set of economic programs he initiated between 1933 and 1936.  Many of his programs were shortened into acronyms because FDR [obviously] liked acronyms.

World War II Age
This period in American History is not a pretty one.  However, this age was excellent for providing material for movies to be made today.  Some often refer to it as the movie age, but there is no one who actually refers to it as that. 

The 60's & 70's (Age)
The Beatles came to America and many people protested America's involvement in the Vietnam War.  During this time, men grew beards and long hair.  Drugs came to be popular and if you want to learn more about this age, there is a lot of information online or in movies or books.  Check them out.

Reagan Age
Yes, we've talked about him already.  Ronald Reagan.  He was a president, mainly in the 80's.

Tech Boom Age
Look out, paper and pencils - here comes the internet!  That's right.  During this era, or age, or time, or period of American History, the internet came about and technology began to take center stage in American culture.  Until...

The Great Recession [Age]?
Is this America now?  Only time will tell!