United States History



A book on Capitalism
Capitalism.  What does that mean?

That's a good question.  Because many people, and this is a fact, don't know what it means.  Sometimes in order to understand something, you have to know what it means.  And so the point of this section is to explain what capitalism means.

Capitalism is the basic theory that buying and producing more goods will be better for a country and its people.  Also, under capitalism, the market must be run by private forces.  That is not to say you need a "secret password" or that there are secret clubs in charge of the economy, rather it means something else.

Many people complain about capitalism, but they are usually liberals or are at least people who enjoy the benefits of capitalism but do not admit it/are not aware of it.  They would probably be less happy living in a non-capitalist country such as North Korea, Cuba, or most of Vietnam.

Let's look at the amount of Barbie Doll varieties that exist.  Some may say it is unnecessary, but others will argue that it is capitalism and that our nation's economy and citizens profit from the multitude of varieties.  It's been said that capitalism was discovered by the United States, but no one really knows if anyone actually said that or if it's even true.  The point?  Check your sources, ALWAYS!  False information, unlike capitalism, can be detrimental to your relationships, term paper grades, or ability to move up the ladder at work because if your projects contain erroneous data then you will not succeed.